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Leah Kauffman Behind I Got A Crush On Obama Returns

Feb 16, 2016 Singer behind 2008 viral hit I Got a Crush on Obama returns with new Bernie Bae music video for the 2016 election ... Porsha Williams dishes details about raunchy bachelorette party The 39 ...

Obama Girl Leah Kauffman Is Back With New Music Video

Sep 05, 2012 56.7 in California, 54.3 in New York and 53.3 in Oregon How Bidens capital gains tax hike to 39.6 for Americans earning more than 1M will

Obama Mama Crush On Obama Ts Stylegirl73 Tshirts

ive got a crush on obama magnet 3.39 this hot mama loves obama cap 16.89 ive got a crush on obama bbq apron 19.20 all the hot girls love obama bbq apron 19.20 this hot mama loves obama mousepad 12.39 ive got a crush on obama mousepad 12.39 all the hot girls love obama mousepad 12.39

Beyonces Big Crush On Obama Rhymes With Snitch

Oct 05, 2012 Big deal. I have a crush on Obama and wish someone could clone him and put it in the drinking water. Bee got to see what a handsome educated leader of the free world is like, up close. I would be cheesing too. But she aint no fool, cause Michelle would beat the snot and extensions out her hair and ass. We all admire from a far. 1108 AM

Obama Girl

Dec 23, 2008 Cause I Got a Crush On Obama. Obama Girl Cause I Got a Crush On Obama. December 23, 2008. Hey again For more Funny Tech Videos BarelyPolitical.com. Posted ... Posted at 0139 PM Permalink Comments 3 TrackBack 0 January 31, 2008. Super Obama Girl Check us out at our new home

Right Wingnut Quotstill Got A Crush On Obamaquot

Sep 06, 2012 The famed Obama Girl of 2008 - Amber Lee Ettinger at left, the busty sensation who lip-synched her love for The One - has exited stage right, seemingly embarrassed by her former paramour. But the girl who actually wrote the song, Leah Kauffman, is still deeply in love.

Obama Girl Ive Got Such A Crush On Abc News

Jun 13, 2007 Cause I Got a Crush On Obama. I Got a Crush on Fits News ... All she said was she have crush on Obama. All I can say is she is promoting Obamas popularity. That does not mean she is going to take him away from Michelle. Michelles smart. ... 2007 at 0239 PM. I agree with Charles A. -- the only racist here is Pearl Jr. Pearl, you need to ...

Confessions Of A Closet Republican Obama Boy Has A Crush

Jun 13, 2012 Yes indeedy, Obama Boy Justin Brown is now the one who has a crush on Obama. And its for real. Oy. Love his patriotic doggy, though. Lyrics Hey Barry, Its me. If youre there, pick-up already. I was just watching you on LOGO, mmm-hmm Anywayz call me back. Way Back in 2008 You just couldnt relate Your evolution.

Is It Wrong To Have A Huge Crush On Michelle Obama

Feb 22, 2021 Nope. I sure do have a crush on her husband lol. I love me some Chelle though. She really is an inspiration to me.

Obama Girl No Longer Has A Crush On The President

Jan 27, 2010 Her grade for Obama B- minus. B-minus. Thats not very crush-worthy, is it But will media that were just as in love with Obama as Amber care what her opinion is now Consider that Obama Girl receives 538 million results 6 in a Google search. I Got a Crush on Obama

Justin Bieber Has A Crush On Michelle Obama Video

Sep 16, 2010 The canandian teen pop star Justin Bieber recently admitted that he has a crush on US First Lady Michelle Obama hmm.the wife of President Barack Obama. See more about. Justin Bieber. Michelle Obama. ... Shes Got a Crush on Obama - Michelle Obama. Graig Beckett. ... 39. Justin Bieber reschedules Justice World Tour for 2022. BANG Showbiz. 231.

Margot Robbie Reveals The Birds Of Prey Star She Has A

Feb 08, 2020 Margot Robbie had a blast making Birds of Prey and she also made an inspirational friend in one of her costars.. While speaking with People

I Got A Crush On My Mailman Lipstick Alley

Nov 04, 2013 I got a CRUSH on my MAILMAN..... Discussion in The Front Porch started by ... The woke are attacking Michelle Obama for encouraging black kids to take school seriously ... Feb 10, 2021 at 739 AM The Interracial Relationship Forum. The State Of Florida VS. Egreis Gjergjani TheStilettoMeUp Part III. I dont think anyone has ever said her ...

Shes Baraaaack Songwriter Behind Crush On Obama Has A

Sep 06, 2012 Leah Kauffman, who wrote the original song but was not in the video, is the star of a new video featuring an updated song, Still Got a Crush on Obama. It makes the case for Obama

Obama Crush With Eyeliner Channel 08 The 2008

Jul 03, 2007 The song was sung by Leah Kauffman, a recent Temple University grad, who co-wrote the lyrics with Ben Relles, whos hawking Obamagirl and I Got a Crush on Obama T-shirts on BarelyPolitical.com. FYI, a womens cap sleeve tee with the smiling mug of Obama goes for 20.99. Kauffman and Relles, both Obama supporters, are pros at this.

Heartcrush Womens Value Tshirt I Got A Crush On Obama

Shop I got a crush on Obama red h Light Womens Value T-Shirt designed by creations. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping

Obama Girl I Had A Crush On Obama The Peoples Cube

Aug 17, 2012 8172012, 639 pm. ... Cause I had a crush on Obama. ... Hollywood to America If youve got a flag on the Moon, you didnt plant that some other country made that happen. Protest march in straight jackets against Trump ends in chaos as participants try but fail to free themselves.

I Just Want To Take A Moment To Drink You In Stephen

Obama told Colbert that with Biden weve got the potential for returning to a presidency that is actually paying attention and trying to do right all people and not just some. Colbert said the prospect of new Cabinet holders would be a return to stability and whats that word competency of your eight years, after which ...

Creatives Have A Crush On Obama Ad Age

Feb 25, 2008 Barack Obama has benefited from free, consumer-created marketing. Many of the consumers in Obamas case just happen to be professional creatives.

Chris Matthews Crush On Barack Obama Deepens Sister

Mar 19, 2008 Nearly a month ago, Chris Matthews declared on his Hardball show that the candidacy of Barack Obama gave him a thrill up his leg. With that, we witnessed the official beginning of Chris Matthews crush on BO. It was anticipated that in response to BOs big speech yesterday on race, Chris Matthews would practically be blasting off into space gushing about how great it was and ...

Why You Need To Try Out Purple Blush Instyle

May 02, 2016 The 39 Most Naked Dresses of All Time ... Joe Biden Broke Barack Obamas Nationwide Popular Vote Record. ... Weve Got a Crush on Purple Blush.

Independent Conservative 187 Blog Archive Pulpit Pimp

Feb 24, 2008 Obama panders to churches more than McCain and Obama is the leading Democrat. Perhaps race played a role, but I doubt it was the big factor for Caldwell. If he hangs out with Farra-the-Con, he wont be the first man claiming the Lords name in a leadership position to do so.

Michael Moore Says Michelle Obama Should Run For

Aug 01, 2019 Michael Moore interrupted hosting duties at his 15th annual Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan to make a bold suggestion about the 2020 presidential

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