The blessings of ADHD

Keep Calm and...I am sure those of you who read my ABOUT page thought I am crazy talking about the blessings of ADHD. You might be thinking all you got out of this was trouble and heartache. If you are a parent you might feel that all you hear is criticism for being a lousy parent or that your child’s behavior is so bad and it directly reflects your horrible parenting skills.

If you have ADHD, you might be thinking how can there be blessings in this curse? Or you might be one of the lucky one’s like me who have already experienced the blessings. What ever the reason for you reading my blog, I hope you will feel blessed after you read this post. You must remember up until 4 years ago everything about me (good or bad) had no explanation. When I did great things other people praised me about and told me that I am doing exceptional things, I just thought everybody can do what I am doing.

When I did bad things that repel people I would think I am just a bad person. Since I got an explanation for my behavior (good and bad) I started using ADHD to my advantage, and I have never been more happy in my life. I enjoy my work everyday and excel in every challenge I take on. I know how to manage myself better and I focus on my strengths.

In the past I thought everybody in the world could manage what I am doing, today I know I have special talents and qualities that just come naturally. I am a creative problem solver, I know how to think outside-the-box. I can  truly say multitasking is one of my super powers.  Since school days I was extremely intuitive and perceptive. Nothing went unnoticed and I always saw a solution for every problem. (Before 2010 I just thought of myself as an extremely positive person).  If you read my ABOUT page, you will know by know that I am a psychologist and one thing that I have, is the capacity to truly empathize by “reading” people, relating by ‘walking in another person’s shoes’. Other blessings are boldness, enthusiasm, and being unafraid to take chances. All these qualities (BLESSINGS) enable us to rise above the rest in a normal person’s world.

I am for sure not the only person with this experience about ADHD. You can read the following article about BLESSINGS here.

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