Label a Genius

Nobody likes to get a label around their neck, but one label that nobody will care to hang around their neck is the one that shows “I AM A GENIUS”.  We all want to be smart.

Let me tell you a secret, YOU are smart! Don’t pull your face in a frown. You cannot say you aren’t smart just because of your rapport marks. I am going to prove my statement. I am going to show you the lives of the 3 Smartest (according to an IQ score) children who ever lived and then you decide for yourself if you think IQ makes you smart.

Everyone of us (INCLUDING YOU), has a genius inside. God created each one of us with a special purpose, and when you find and live your purpose, you have found your genius. I am not going to waste any more time to prove my point so here comes the first story.

  1.  William James Sidis—The smartest man who ever lived
    At the age of 8, William James Sidis proved his mathematics giftedness by developing a new logarithm table based on the number 12 and gave a lecture at Harvard University a year later. The child genius set the world record as the youngest person to enroll at the prestigious university at the age of 11 and graduated cum laude five years later.

    Before his third birthday, Sidis had taught himself to read and shortly thereafter, became fluent in eight languages and wrote four original works of his own by the age of seven.

    But even though Sidis was this remarkable child, adulthood was a struggle for him and newspapers at the time reported that his “genius had burned out” due to the numerous obscure blue collard jobs  (refers to employees whose job entails (largely or entirely) physical labour, such as in a factory or workshop) he obtained throughout his life.

  2.  Theodore Kaczynski—The Harvard graduate turned UNA bomber
    Theodore Kaczynski, known by most as the “Unabomber,” started out as a child prodigy, receiving his acceptance to Harvard University at the age of 16.

    At 25, Kaczynski became the youngest professor at the University of California, Berkeley but resigned two years later, moved in with his parents and eventually to a secluded cabin in the woods.

    His mail bombing spree lasted twenty years, he killed three people and injured 23. He is currently serving a life sentence.

  3. Sufiah Yusof—The troubled prodigy
    In 1997, Sufiah Yusof received her acceptance to St. Hilda’s College, Oxford to study mathematics at the age of 13.  A few years later, the Malaysian intellect disappeared from her flat after a final examination.  She was eventually found working as a waitress in an Internet café and claimed her parent’s intense pressure on her to succeed led to the runaway.
    In 2007, it was discovered that the once child prodigy has since been working as a prostitute.

I don’t think it is necessary for me to tell you that not one of these children became smart adults. So what makes anyone a genius then?

I think if you are going to ask 100 people this question, you will receive 100 different answers, but one thing is for sure, even if you have the IQ of a genius, it never guarantee that you will be successful in life. Neither does it means that if you struggle in school that you will be a failure in life.  I was one of those learners who had to hear that I will never make it in life, that I was just not good enough.  Well for a failure, I must say I am doing pretty well. Teachers who said that I am going to fail life, only have a teaching diploma. I wonder what will their words be today when I show them my Masters degree? Not bad for an outcast!

Well if I could turn back time, I know my life would look a lot different, for one I can name my “disability” – I am not dumb, I am not lazy, I am not a trouble maker – I have ADHD. I will also be able to do much better, because I have the study tools (you can read about this in my post about Study Smarter).

Everyone is a genius, you just need to unlock your brainpower. Be smart – learn to study the SMART way. Unblock your Brain.


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