How the world want to fix ADHD

One of the most common “solutions” to “fix” ADHD people is to prescribe drugs. Drug companies are more than willing to promise quick fix “solutions.” The profit margins to drug companies to cause ADDers to take their drugs are astounding. Drugs are frequently used to convert ADHD people (especially children) into appearing and acting more “normal” and more controllable. These drugs slow the brains of ADHD people down, block their senses, and reduce their energy levels, or in truth DUMB DOWN ADDers, for the sole purpose of reducing the symptoms that bother the normals, like their tendencies to be over impulsive, to be fidgety, to be independent, and to be distracted.
Normals use the same drugs to get “high” that they give ADDers to be dumber.

The most commonly prescribed drugs that normals impose on ADHD people to make them “normal” are forms of amphetamines (Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine). Yet the common illegal drug Methamphetamine (Meth) is a highly concentrated form of amphetamines that so many normals take to accelerate their brain activity, to heighten their senses, and to feel smarter and more enlightened, or in other words get “High.” Think of this irony. Normal people prescribe amphetamines to ADDers to try to normalize them by slowing them down and desensitizing them. While at the same time they illegally take the same amphetamines to try to be like people with ADHD by speeding up their brains and heightening their senses. Caffeine is another stimulant drug that slows down ADHD people but not at the same level as amphetamines. How many normal people drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks to get a jolt or boost of energy to approach the natural energy levels of ADDers?  If I drink two cups of coffee at night, I immediately fall asleep. Drinks that contain lots of caffeine like Redbull and Monster makes me want to fall asleep and take all my energy away.

In my opinion, drugs are not the fix all solution for people with ADHD. Not all ADHD people respond favorably to the drug solution. But with this all said, when drugs work well, why not give it to your child to help him / her cope in school?  I done my son lots of damage when I did not give him Ritalin. Since he started using the medication, teachers started to see the child he really is.

It is good to say the world needs to accept our ADHD people as we are, but that is not going to happen – remember we are only 6% of the population, and thus it is not the norm. People like the norm. They don’t like different! For this reason we have to accept their rules and if medication works without side effects, then their is no reason why we should not use it. If someone you know has diabetics, will you tell them not to take medicine? Drugs can provide some assistance to some of the “conflicting drawbacks” of ADHD, but not all of them, therefor drugs alone is not going to help you or your child to improve their performance.  You need to make constant decisions to focus on what you are doing.  Drugs should be taken very carefully as a tool to help with certain issues but not as a wholesale cure to ADHD.

There are other very effective ways to overcome the normal drawbacks of ADHD. These include the full understanding of the behavioral differences of being ADHD, and adjusting behavioral practices to control these issues at a very practical and desirable level. As an example, let’s discuss a solution to the forgetfulness drawback. ADHD people can create a “to do” list that they have by their side at all times, and constantly monitor and review. Whenever they come up with an idea or agree to do something (without a time limit) they will want to immediately write the key words to each matter on the “to do” list. The “to do” list becomes their index for action items. In addition, they want to have a calendar with them at all times that they also review frequently. Whenever they decide to do something that is time dependent, like meet someone for lunch, remember a birthday (ADHD people are notorious for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries) or turn in a report, they want to put it on the calendar. They can then frequently refer to their calendar to be sure they meet scheduled appointments.

Once ADDers understand themselves very well they can then change the conditions around them to accentuate their many blessings and situations where they struggle. ADDers will want to discover their true and special talents, their unique self-imposed obstacles, the things they dislike doing, their true passions, zeal for creativity, and their values and beliefs, their integrity boundaries.

Having ADHD places people in a very special and blessed category. ADHD people can easily enjoy a very wondrous and rewarding life when they understand their ADHD, manage their drawbacks, and accentuate their unique gifts to reach whatever life and other goals they set. This allows ADDers to take control of their ADHD, and their lives and change conditions around them to suit them.

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