I read the other day a comment someone left on Facebook about Bullies. This person stated that bullies are increasing because of overcrowded schools and that home-schooling might be the answer if your child is being bullied.

I won’t recommend this, because when you isolate a child,  you give your child the impression that he/she does not belong in this world. woorde3Children need their peers to form an identity, and when children are home schooled they do not have the opportunity to form relationship with their peers to build a strong identity.

A big lack in schools (and I have mentioned it in another post already) is that parents, teachers and learners who struggle with one or other disability (it might only be minor, or it might be a handicap that change the person’s whole life) are educated about the disability and all symptoms and how to handle it, but the problem is that other learners in school only have to cope with inclusive education without being educated about different disabilities and their symptoms and how to accept peers who struggle with one or other handicap.

I often read on Facebook how children and teens with ADHD commit suicide because of peers teasing them. As I commented one day, it is woorde1quite difficult trying to fit in with a “normal world”, everything seems much harder for an ADHD person, and more often than not you really think about taking your own life. When your peers scold you with statements like “just die”, or “why don’t you just kill yourself?” you see your own suicidal thoughts as the right thing to do.

So many tears of parents and unanswered questions will always remain, and friends who told you to die… they will have to life with the nightmare of murdering you!

Children can be cruel, but when they learn acceptance and tolerance, they are much kinder to friends who are different than any adult would be.  It is time to teach our children that some of their friends might be different, that they don’t intend to disrupt a class, that they don’t want to blurt out all the answers before any one else can answer, but they have a brain that is like a Ferrari with bicycle brakes, that means that they can’t break themselves as easily as “normal” learners can do.

woorde2Teasing a child who wears glasses is just not on, “4 eyes”, might seems like a great joke, but it is not that child’s wish to wear glasses, and if he / she could choose, I know they will want to have 20:20 vision.

Schools start educating our learners about different disabilities and show them words hurt more than sticks and stones. Bruises will faint, but words that is thrust through the heart will never go away. What might seems like an innocent joke, might be the last push that person needed to take his / her own life.

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