I read the other day a comment someone left on Facebook about Bullies. This person stated that bullies are increasing because of overcrowded schools and that home-schooling might be the answer if your child is being bullied.

I won’t recommend this, because when you isolate a child,  you give your child the impression that he/she does not belong in ...

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Photographic memory

Ancient Greece is the most influential civilizations in the world. They created everything what we do today.
Language, typography, philosophy, architecture, history, science, geography to astronomy, art, beauty and much more.   Greeks invented so many things most people don’t even know.

  • The musical notation system that we use everywhere in the w...
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Label a Genius

Nobody likes to get a label around their neck, but one label that nobody will care to hang around their neck is the one that shows “I AM A GENIUS”.  We all want to be smart.

Let me tell you a secret, YOU are smart! Don’t pull your face in a frown. You cannot say you aren’t smart just because of your rapport marks. I am going to prove my statement...

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How the world want to fix ADHD

One of the most common “solutions” to “fix” ADHD people is to prescribe drugs. Drug companies are more than willing to promise quick fix “solutions.” The profit margins to drug companies to cause ADDers to take their drugs are astounding...

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The Positive side of ADHD

I am sure you have been reading my post about The blessings of ADHD and want to know more about the positive side of ADHD. I hope this post will inspire everyone to start living the positive life ADHD has rapped up for you.

As I mentioned in the Blessings of ADHD, you are not cursed...

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The blessings of ADHD

Keep Calm and...I am sure those of you who read my ABOUT page thought I am crazy talking about the blessings of ADHD. You might be thinking all you got out of this was trouble and heartache...

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